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addressed or school officials this morning. it wasn't just an attempted this abduction occurred there were two other creepy incident. there will be talking about campus safety. this is all after a nine year old girl was reported that a man at a grocery carried her out of the bathroom and, of the campus. the troops to lead to a house two blocks away when she kicked him and managed to get away. the same man had offered some kids park at how other nearby schools. 25 year-old was arrested the next day. news of the attempted abduction is calling campus security and to question. i'm terrified because it's kind of saw something i ever
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expected. would never heard of something like this before and i thought this was a pretty safe neighborhood. shall grosso no. a strictly enforced in the name of county and schools security. every visitor must wear a badge. all bids will be secured all day. the letter also included several reminders for parents are out how to talk to your kids about strangers. again the community meeting is for parents all over the peninsula. it's at 830 out portside elementary school. several family members or
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displace this morning after fire damaged her home in san jose. they fell in the fall of as with his list of your id file of assaulted in a grudge destroyed the home or around 7:00 last night. it spread to the wooden roof which destroyed the rest of the house. they were worried it might collapse. the members didn't know whether or not everyone was out of the house. firefighters went in to rescue mode but fortunately no one was hurt. " people were inside and of the person wasn't home. fire crews stayed here all night to richard no hot spots remained. the oakland tribune reports
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one board will car was abandoned along the freeway. passengers ran away. traffic was backed up from 10 mi.. the road was closed for more than an hour. there is debate over how affective his crime-fighting technology is even with the lack of evidence the city still glinted oakland police of $350,000 to expand the shot spotter system. as it stands the monitoring system covers about half the city. the police want to expand that to include parts of north oakland so it includes a 70%. oakland police believe this technology will hopes of
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more crimes. just an hour before the safety meeting a pregnant woman sitting in the car was hit by flying glass. the class was from the shooting that hit two cars and three homes. by expanding their reach they are hoping they can cut down on incidents like these. it's our belief that if we can track it weaken predicted and if we predict it we can prevent it. shops daughter was first used in 2006. evidence that helps fight crimes is mostly anecdotal at arrest and convictions are hard to come by. the system is only as good as this community support. when it encouraged neighbors recalled by 11 of the hear shots in their neighborhood. i think the weekend is one
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to be something else. a lot folks along the coast will be socked in the form. the fog in towards santa rosa area. temperatures what are not add a little bit warmer than yesterday because of crop. green temperatures up in the '80s in lend at what the '60s and '70s inside the bid. the roadways are looking pretty good this morning his alive put conditions on the san mateo bridge. of the list if you're heading between haber foster city. we have road work in a fax here on both directions
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of the dumbarton bridge that we're running up on what the next couple of minutes. the wet coatbridge off to a good start on and no delays to report there. the golden gate bridge is looking good of marin county. comcast is getting hundreds of its employees here in california and a very tough choice. the cable company is discussing all three call centers in the state at the end of november and rerunning the jobs out of state. the closures will affect about a thousand employees through 700 of which are right here in the bay area. they can either relocate to oregon, robber or washington or take the severance package. i have a mother to help those of have everything to pay for. the dentist sitter those kind of things. a, casses when the blame on
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the state. it is simply too high. health officials say a man who is now recovering was infected locally because he has not troubled recently. the bay area has four cases of the virus is your. there will handle the duties like transporting people to jail and will bring them. antioch city staff wanted to cancel every 45 days on how the hirings are affecting the budget police for a an inside job the roadside. the statement early yesterday morning. the perotinus takeoff 50 laptops from this weeks old headquarters in palo alto. both men face charges of burglary and grand theft. pg&e says it has been made a
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scapegoat for the pipeline explosion that killed eight people in san bruno. a judge will decide how other pg&e should be fine for the 2010 disaster. the fines could reach the hundreds of millions of dollars. the utility is responsible to a certain degree but denied that certain safety violations led to the explosion. looking into safety practices at the refinery in richmond at at a refinery in southern california. the focus will be on the company's plan to protect workers and the event of a public like the one that led to the rich and fire in the explosion last august. a new poll has a lower strong leads in three key a key swing states. he has a 12 point lead over mitt romney
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pennsylvania and none poured lead in florida a 10 portly did all higher. it's an ohio that hold canada campaigning today. president obama's spoke at the united nations and both candid spoke separately of the clinton global initiative in the work. a nuclear arms for ron is not a challenge shechem be contained. it would threaten the elimination of israel the security of both nations and the stability of the global economy. a lot of americans including myself are troubled by developments in the middle east. syria has witnessed the killing of tens of thousands of people the president of egypt is a member of the muslim brotherhood. our ambassador to libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack. both candidates are expected to focus on the hot-button issue among voters the state of the economy. running president is said
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to address the u.n. assembly today. on watt and this have been in the assembly all week long. americans have repeatedly said that a dealer rally in government must change. changes behavior. sure but after all the what does that mean? him one country based on their own solo opinion the side and establish a road on for another country and then threaten attacks. occupancy more of the interview at cbs this morning was charlie rose. shall. is the first general strike in greece since the country's coalition government was formed in june. born this way. the
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white lady that the strip down on her bedside. up in the anti. lawrence and launches a new book that features and price tag. the fight that spilled into the street. it was all caught on camera. ,,,,,,,,
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they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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and put some in the had a lot. the worst the house minicabs are there. there's one right behind them purities problem of wall street executive. is a really the heart to get a taxi and your city? not a lot going on it would clear as you had towards the pickets on the bay bridge as you said in the san francisco. right now in the heart of the things are clear.
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sematech a bridge looking clear. free-form in all directions. the dump our bridge also much better used to report. all directions are clear. if you're heading to san francisco cleared 40 minutes from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. 82 to 37 connecter looks pretty good to list warrants are provincial or 645 this morning. the to see drug comes around that area or green. a 80 looking good as world no. run as you had towards the maze. some from looking good
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us to work the way between to 38 in the maze. truck route a little sluggish through there. with a solid disease and yellow speed stepping under 40 mi. an hour west on 580 coming away from to 05. patchy fog again this morning but more sun shine in the afternoon. expected to heat up for the next couple of days. will see plenty of the sunshine. as we have of the door is car the. seeing thick fog in parts of the north bay ballot. " cliff
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ellis towards a afternoon. 60's and 70's around the entire bay as you had been lent the temperatures will increase. if you like the heat we're cranky and up in the central valley about 95 degrees and fresno 91 in sacramento. i think it will restore to get things going tomorrow. today is a bit of a transitional day. 84 morgan hill 7 a private cemeteries 62 in pacific up with pettifog. of 76 and allied hopes the c 82 instead for rose up. 66 degrees
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and san francisco this afternoon. here's the good news folks along the coast would like to see sun he made just that this weekend. to near the service of members were killed today during an attack in afghanistan. there were attacks by militants of the eastern part of the country but at this point no other details are being made available. and 285 and eight service members have been killed in afghanistan. more violence is under way and syria after two explosions rocked a capital. a car bomb and another explosive target is serious or me to read the headquarters prompting sporadic gun battles. a journalist was reportedly killed a syrian army statement no military personnel
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have been injured. it's the latest violence in a civil war pitting the president does seem and the rebels. asked domestic violence, to more than import $7 billion from baggage thieves from the first half of this year don't the had to the $403 billion. the company also announced that its new notebook will come into size is. with a 7 in. screen crossing one $99 and a 9 in. screen costing $269 and. the pop star is almost curry did all the fight back at how would a tax on her 25 lb. weight
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gain cheapo's of photos of herself or to a website. she said she has battled with eating disorders and she was 15 years old. she says she is celebrating her curvy flawless and other inviting her fence to pose for those prepared. the texas redemption for an a's outfielder ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, manhattan i
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hothead ahead hothead him mansell his hit tv frontier licences current the hon interest-free trustee statehood a and a half's talk his heads his pal fainthearted has had so
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start matsushita has hit all tit-for-tat stansel he his whole hone his four oldest children or on which we carefully mapped out there is no recent report of the in 2014. expected costs for the project is $1.2 billion. just punishment is working for the playoff rotation with plans to go for five starters. he was not sharp. one homer drove in five runs. pitcher give up seven runs. there is some of the digest and 72 in the game that doesn't really mean all whole lot. oakland's big shot came in the 10th as texas and at
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one of the late upper tank in extra innings. the a's beat the rangers 3 to 2. to this with the day comes from the peach state. the better bridges are down one run with none out what on. in the ninth he says see later dead center and that give the braves their fourth three victories over the miami marlins. those joining the giants and the post- season party. if emmitt displaced from their san jose home. at the home of call that has everyone talking. stranger danger on the peninsula. the school and administrators are addressing some parental concerns.,,,,
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valley were high-speed gunbattle shutdown of a stretch of 580 backing up traffic for 10 mi.. been under of " assault on her school campus on attempted kidnap her. officials are taking steps to make sure the city are easing
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parents. this meeting is going to start at 830 this morning. school administrators and police in sematech know all be in its heat how dense. they're making sure all of the caps are closed in this fence. just one of several measures in the name of the campus security. this is after an incident on friday when a nine year-old girl reported a man quilter and carried her out of the government off campus. took it to a callous two blocks away with she kicked him managing to get a whip. the same man had offered some kid's fault that a nearby school. the 25 road was arrested the next day. news of the attempted abduction as calling campus security into question. i'm very anxious because of some something that's good for this neighborhood. these kinds
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of things happen here. this is a lot of bank study. no student drop off until 8:00 front doors are locked at 845 every visitor must wear a badge and all updates will be secured loan to a lot. all strangers may not look strange. make sure kids are hunted of not want one. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra madre return support. the 21 year-old might enter a plea today. the 15 year-old marv finish from morgan hill in march. body has not been fun. dna evidence link for us to offsets of the roof is
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completely destroyed. the family of five was a swiss yesterday after the fire started and abroad. it destroyed the home run 7:00 last night. it spread to the wooden roof which was totally destroyed. firefighters did because they were worried it might collapse. the members to know whether or not everyone was out. fortunately no one was hurt. four people were in sight in the fifth one was and even home. fire crews stayed all night to make sure hotspots for up in the fire is under investigation. was the shooting investigation that brought traffic to a standstill in castro valley. shots were fired between two cars westbound interstate 580 last night. one bullet riddled car was abandoned along the freeway and the
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passengers ran away from the car. traffic backed up for 10 mi. because the road was closed for more than an hour. oakland police are getting more technology ad aimed a cab and dumped on gun violence. this came hearing some more daytime violence. there was a pregnant woman sitting in the car hobby 64 men aboard his two cars and three homes in the area. had he spent just an hour of to the hall here. capt. says the expansion of the program is well worth the expense. is our belief that we contract with the predicted we could predict it the week and prevented. that's the of the suit were taking in regards to dealing out this purchase
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expansion should reach above 70 percent of the entire city. shots water has registered 2200 evacuation's. this should be a great weekend. today were kind of stock in the fall. especially in the north bay and dallas. man in the fifties let no one but after and were expecting mostly sunny skies. a little his we as we make our way inside the bay. 77 degrees a milpitas 78 in san jose 76 in sunnyvale. and take
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long for the low-cost and fought to break up until the sun. traffic as you consider this for a good over the golden gate bridge. we are kidding a word of a partial closure they did so under way at 6:00 this morning the between the in kearney. so is due to crews should spend port today. chp just add up to the scene was about however for starting to load up. he started effaced office.
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this was an inside job. these two men tried to take off with almost 50 laptops from this weeks call headquarters in palo alto. the tory rot used to patrol the fiscal offices as a private security guard. both men facing charges of burglary and grand theft pri 70 rose is expected to plead guilty today. in nine year-old daughter was killed on easter weekend back in april. the driver is to in juvenile court today. there's a general strike today and greece. is the reverse general strike in greece since the country's coalition government was formed back in june. protest in spain turned violent as white police blocked off access to the parliament hill and. thousands gathered to protest tax hikes and new
5:38 am
cutbacks. more than two dozen officers were hurt. romney and its nuclear program have been in the spotlight at the assembly in new york all this week. he granted an interview to cbs this morning star charlie rose bridge the americans have repeatedly said that the running government must change. and the iranians after all what does that mean? can one country based on just on so opinion the side and establish a red blood for of another country and the threat of attacks and campaign 2012 new poll results show president obama has leased in three key swing
5:39 am
states. is it a point lead in pennsylvania and nine point lead in florida and a 10 point lead and co-. of kansas will campaign in ohio today. yesterday was about foreign policy. for us which is campaigning of canada's are expected to focus on the hot-button issue among voters the state of the economy. how the nfl replacement wraps flammable. it is uniting the presidential candidate. why the report may be very different from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> #10, every call you make begins with uhhhhh. no. 9, won't throw the flag on the field because you have to pick it up. the number 1 sign your a bad referee, your hated everywhere but seattle. >> everybody's sick about it and everybody is putting in their 2¢. we're talking about the bad call up in green bay on monday
5:43 am
night football >> vice-presidential candidate paul ryan used in a campaign speech >> i happen to think that these referee is to work part-time for the obama administration and the budget office. >> the referees are replacements for the regular officials were locked out in a contract dispute. the president says it doesn't make sense to him that the nfl isn't putting their best officials on the field. wall street's stock futures are sliding this morning, driven down by the european economic crisis. >> actually joins us live from new york. >> concerns over spain's recovery weighed down overseas markets this morning. the nikkei index sank 2% while the hang seng lost 1%. wall street stock plunged after
5:44 am
a federal reserve official raised doubts whether the bank'' efforts to boost economic growth would actually work. the dow lost 101 points and the nasdaq fell 43 points. americans say they're feeling more confident about the economy. the consumer confidence court increased nine. push higher by a brighter outlook for hiring. it is the highest level since february but still 20 points below what is considered to be healthy. barnes and noble says it will launch a video service that will let users buy and rent movies and television shows on their televisions and mobile devices. the video applications puts barnes and noble in direct competition with other on-line video providers myriad >> i used to feel sorry for airlines but after i saw the
5:45 am
members they're making off of baggage fees, maybe not so much anymore >> absolutely. baggage these are actually taking off with u.s. airlines falling in more than $1.7 billion and that is just in the first half of this year, the most ever. delta collected the most. airlines for started charging for the checked bag back in 2008 and since then, just about all the carriers have jumped on board. i think i will start boycotting airlines and instead will go in the car. >> great weather coming our way with beautiful fall sunshine making a show. the patchy fog has moved in
5:46 am
along the coastline. in some of the north bay valleys as well. santa rosa down to a half mile visibility. it looks like we have plenty of sunshine come in our direction. after today the temperature should start to warm up. '60s and '70s inside the bay with hazy sunshine along the coastline. so far, no delays reported but that will likely change in the next half-hour or so at sfo with morning clouds. 70 in chicago but mostly cloudy and we could see some showers in new york that could cause delays. it will be another day before high pressure really gets going. it will likely start to get hot in some of the valleys. today will be pleasantly warm. 76 in palo alto, 73 in hayward.
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'70s in parts of the delta and vallejo. eighties in napa valley. the next couple of days the ridge builds inland temperatures warm up and if we're lucky, there might be just enough offshore wind to squeeze tops and sunshine near 70 degrees right at the coastline. >> let's jump over to the bay bridge toll plaza where we are starting to see a few extra cars on the roadway and out. he might want to give yourself a few extra minutes if you're headed out to the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge is a good choice so far. word of an accident westbound highway 4 at hillcrest. this is typically one of the
5:48 am
morning hot spots so we are seeing some delays throughout antioch. on the flip side, east bound highway for we still have to lay in shutdown for road work between bailey and railroad. that will be there until 1:00 this afternoon so you might see some delays there as well. 18 minutes on westbound 580 towards 680. not bad through san jose right now. northbound 101 is off to a good start so far. 280 is not showing any major problems. 85 is also off to a good start this morning. traffic still moving along nicely through 880. northbound 880-237 is still closed and hopefully that will be wrapped up within the next 10 minutes.
5:49 am
880 looks like this, not bad towards the maze. mass-transit right on time, no delays to report. >> more banks could be hit by cyber attacks this week. wells fargo was a victim of a disruption yesterday. bid book web sites have slowed down quite a bit. bankamerica and j.p. morgan chafed has also been affected. >> and look at your credit score lately may not be the same one that your lender seas. 200,000 credit reports were studied and it was found that one at a five people are likely to get a score that is dramatically different. the score can depend on the
5:50 am
type of loan you are getting. the agency says there is no way to tell what type of score of the lender is using. >> have you ever been on an airplane with a crying baby right next to? did you like it? >> no but it was my own baby. >> there is an airline trying to take care of that >> we all remember our first kiss but how many of us can say it was from a superstar. an unforgettable moment for a 12 year-old. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lot of people name their cars. mine should be sporty. maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work, to school... no, no, i'm a cool car. so i always fill up with chevron with techron. oh. well in that case, yeah, i am cool, after all. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. actually, turtle's not bad.
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>> we're starting out with a few more clouds around the bay area this morning. temperatures now in the fifties. >> we're starting to see a bit of a back up in the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza so give yourself an expert couple of minutes. >> we are getting a good look at the chaos that followed a bart train malfunction back in september. this is surveillance video from the civic center station when a train experienced what bart is causing an electrical arc caused by debris on the track. that is what bart now says caused the bright flash. two people complained of smoke inhalation. crews will conduct a fall full- scale emergency exercise this morning at sfo. it will be a simulation of an aircraft crashing on the nearby water. the drill is set to begin at 9:00 this morning so do not be alarmed if you are in the area
5:54 am
and you see it. >> the southeast asian airline is offering a kids free zone on board. there asia will keep kids 12 and younger apart on the plane with the idea of giving long- distance travelers some quiet time. some say it will not work because it is hard enough to find seating for families anyway. we have been asking you this morning if you think a quiet zone on airplanes is a good idea. michael said it would be a great idea. he said if you chose to become a parent, that means accepting all the responsibilities that come with it which means allowing the rest of us to have some peace. you can comment on facebook or twitter or e-mail us. >> there is nothing like being in the window seat when the mother sits down with two kids. there's nothing like getting
5:55 am
your first kiss from a pretty blonde >> especially if it is from a country superstar. >> how will we do this? close your eyes. >> i bet he was so excited. a little bit of sign language from a 12 year-old fan went along way. the video when viral on youtube and he later exchanged twitter feed with underwood. lit to lip. >> she even sent out a photo thanking him for his first kiss. that is the sweetest thing in the world. >> in the next half-hour is like nothing you have ever seen on the red carpet. we will show you the world's most expensive dress. >> parents hope to get some
5:56 am
answers after a nine year-old girl was a fault in kidnapped. precautions the school is now taken, coming up >> police tell us and armed robbery happened at a safeway store here last night and shoppers were still inside. shoppers were still inside. eggs, bacon, and pancakes. denny's everyday value slam is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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>> we're live in san leandro where police say an armed robbery took place at a safeway store. i spoke with one employee and we will tell you what she has to say >> parents on edge after a nine year-old girl escapes the kidnapping on the peninsula. >> low clouds and fog a little bit thicker around the bay area today. >> the morning commute is getting a bit busy out there. we will have the top

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